More Than Cabinetry and Millwork

Commercial Office Build Out

With a name like Custom Woodworking, it may be hard to decipher exactly what our firm does.  The obvious answer would be cabinetry, millwork, trim, etc…  While this is true, our company offers complete residential and commercial construction services.  From new home construction and kitchen remodels, to commercial office build outs and restaurant construction, Custom Woodworking is a design build specialist offering an array of services.

From a residential perspective, Custom Woodworking covers a broad range.  With detail at the heart of our work, we offer clients remodels, additions, renovations, tear downs and outdoor living spaces.  Whether your home is looking for a quick update or a total transformation, we can work with you to provide you an end piece like no other firm.  Enriched with old world charm, our work sets itself apart and will truly impress guests while providing a functional living space for the homeowner.

With summer upon us our firm is busy working outdoor living spaces, complete with fully functional kitchens, bar and entertaining areas, and a variety of seating arrangements.  We work with yards and pools to bring the inside outdoors so that families have an additional place to gather and hosts have a unique spot for get-togethers.

Custom Woodworking has a long standing history of providing commercial build outs.  Our earliest projects, which we continue to perfect to date, are pubs and restaurants.  McNally’s Irish Pub in St. Charles (both the former location and the new location) and McGonigal’s Pub of Barrington are just a few examples of our work.  With strong ties to Ireland (where we’re from!) we’re able to bring the Irish charm to the states.  But don’t fret; our firm has the variety to construct a variety of themed restaurants…not just Irish.  We’ll like patrons in amazement, as each time they enter your establishment they’ll uncover a new detail they didn’t see on their past visit.

We’ve also had the opportunity to build out a number of professional offices.  From attorneys to accountants, we’ve been able to provide them with functional space (ie: space that hides all their files and books), while impressing clients and offering a comfortable environment.  Conference rooms are detailed with intricate moulding, private offices can have custom desks, and reception area are accompanied by wet bars for customers to take advantage of.

To learn how we can help you with your commercial or residential project call us today.  We’d be happy to come out and discuss your options.

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