Custom Woodworking Offers Commercial Display and Service Pieces

In addition to the residential woodwork and trim that Custom Woodworking offers, the firm handcrafts a variety of pieces for commercial clients. Offices have asked our company for custom desks, built-in shelving, and even conference tables. Meanwhile, retail clients have sought us out for display armoires, service bars, and beautiful bench seating.Whether looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind piece, or to transform your entire workspace, Custom Woodworking can help.

Display Armoire and Bar at Chez Moi in Geneva

Shown here is a beautiful armoire that not only adds a dramatic feature to the space, but also holds a television, stemware, and storage drawers. In front of the armoire is a custom bar. The contrast in color between the two allow each element to pop separately, while the overall design marries the two pieces.

This image is from Chez Moi Café in Geneva, where Custom Woodworking worked with Avondale Custom Homes to build out the space from top to bottom. In this arrangement Avondale operated as a general contractor, on a design build basis, while Custom Woodworking offered trim and millwork such as the armoire and bar.

Custom Woodworking offers their pieces directly to clients or is happy to work with other general contractors to enhance their client’s spaces. If you are interested in either a unique piece for your commercial space or need a contractor for an entire building, contact us today.

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