Offices that Impress: Custom Woodworking offers Millwork for Contractors


Reception Area in Law Firm

Custom Woodworking recently had the opportunity to provide millwork for a local attorney firm’s office build out.  As a vendor in this project, Custom Woodworking collaborated with the general contractor and architect, as well as the tenant, to uphold the traditional, yet impressive aesthetic of the office.  This particular tenant has clients visiting on a daily basis and therefore needs a space that is professional and welcoming but not overstated.  To achieve this desired look, Custom Woodworking created custom wall panels.


As seen in the picture above, the reception area features floor-to-ceiling wood panels in a rich cherry finish.  The wood used by Custom Woodworking is a superior species of Alder and compliments the luxurious look of the marble floors.  Additionally, Custom Woodworking created a unique frame for the firm’s signage.  The basic wall coloring and minimal décor of the entryway let the millwork shine for itself.

Shown in the picture below, the hallway features floor and crown moulding in the same cherry finished alder.  Meanwhile the wood paneling is installed half way up the wall, similar to how a judge’s panel would be.  This installation carries on the traditional look, while not being overstated in the common areas.  

Custom Woodworking can act as vendor for millwork, as in this project, or as the general contractor for a commercial project.  Contact Custom Woodworking today to start designing your impressive office space. 

Hallway at Law Office

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