In Laws in Town?

Visiting in laws can be a welcome relief for many families. An extra set of hands to help with the kids, an additional taxi service to run errands, and an overall bonding experience. But no matter how much you appreciate your in laws, it’s no doubt the house seems a little bit smaller when they are in town. And we’re sure sharing a bathroom with the kids isn’t their idea of a vacation, either.

Custom Woodworking, Inc. has solved this age old problem but creating separate in law’s quarters in a number of their custom homes. From bathrooms to morning bars, the sky is truly the limit on what to include in these luxurious living spaces.

Often referred to as “multi-generational” homes, these houses can also accommodate older children returning to the nest or aging parents requiring a bit of extra care but also independence. From a real estate perspective, these homes are far and few between making them a desirable commodity for the right buyer. But that is just the hook…the right buyer.

To solve this problem, Custom Woodworking, Inc. works with homebuyers, architects, and interior designers to give the room a dual purpose if necessary-or make it easily convertible for the next buyer. By making these quarters large enough, the current amenities can make for a great entertainment area. If you figure that it is already “off the beaten track” of them home and has it’s own plumbing, this area can easily host rowdy teenage slumber parties while not interrupting the rest of the home-or adult game night while still allowing the kids their necessary sleep.
Custom Woodworking can make great transitional doors leading to the in-law’s quarter that will truly define the separate entity of the home. Additionally, functional kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms can further the independent living arrangement. To discuss other ideas, and possibly increase the resale value of your home, contact Custom Woodworking today.

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